Alexander David Dou
2 min readSep 25, 2023


Today, more happened. Kongkwan and Non, after getting back together, are breaking up once again!

The news had spread like wildfire through the school—Non and Kongkwan had broken up again. It was the second time this had happened, and the reasons were just so mysterious

Jakes, as the confused guy every time, leaned in and asked, “Hey, what happened this time?”

Non sighed deeply and replied with a hint of frustration, “We just can’t seem to have all you motherfuckers see us together. It’s like everyone’s out to get us.”

Yuno, ever empathetic, chimed in, “What do you mean, Kongkwan? Why would anyone want to hurt you guys?”

Kongkwan looked around, her voice barely above a whisper. “It’s because everyone’s jealous of us. We shouldn’t have told anyone about our relationship in the first place. But it’s too late now.”

Kongkwan’s gaze remained fixed on her tray as she replied, “It’s just too much, guys. The rumors, the gossip, the judgment... we can’t take it anymore.”

Non, who had been unusually quiet, finally spoke up. “We need some space to figure things out. Maybe we rushed into things too quickly.”

The atmosphere at the table was somber, and it was clear that the breakup had been awfully painful for both Non and Kongkwan. They had been a couple that every boy almost hated, and yet it was disheartening to see them in this state of turmoil.

The lunch period continued. Non sat alone, and I looked at him like a laser beam, looking right through him, seeing that all this time, it was that Scott and Ryan fight that broke their relationship, seeing this pain that was inflicted by the childish thoughts of my friends, I wondered: Why does human emotions have to be so harsh?



Alexander David Dou

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