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One weekend, the gang, including me, Oscar, Scott, Yuno, and James, decided to pay a visit to Ethan Mok’s house. It was an evening filled with the promise of laughter, camaraderie, and good movies. We had a plan to munch on popcorn, kick back, and enjoy a movie marathon on Ethan’s large TV.

The evening began as expected, with jokes and laughter filling the room. We gathered around the TV, popcorn bowls in hand, as we settled in for a night of entertainment. The mood was jovial, and we relished every moment, teasing each other and reveling in the simple joy of spending time together.

However, the atmosphere shifted when Naay made an unexpected appearance. Ethan had invited him over, and at first, Naay seemed just as excited to join the gathering. But as the evening progressed, it became apparent that Naay had a shorter fuse than the rest of us.

We continued watching movies and munching on popcorn, trying to maintain the festive atmosphere. “Hey, who can help make these burgers here? My mom bought the materials but forgot to put them together." Ethan Mok said to all of us, and I immediately shouted, “I can! I will make them!” If I said it a second later, I would die. But when it was time to make burgers, things took an unexpected turn. As I was handling the cooking for Naay’s burger, which is also the last one I am making, I had a minor mishap. I accidentally put too much oil in the pan, and the burger went up in flames.

I shouted, “Ayo! NO!! Naay! Your burger is overcooked!”

Naay’s anger flared, and he suddenly became furious, his face contorting with rage. He stood up abruptly, his fists clenched, and he started shouting angrily at me, his voice filled with frustration. “You ruined my burger! How could you be so careless?”

Ethan Mok looked at Naay, and he handed out his burger that he didn’t take a single bite out of. “Naay, have my burger; its ok; David didn’t mean to overcook your burger, bro, chill. See, I won’t even eat anything today for lunch.”

“TO HELL WITH YOU AND YOUR STUPID SPIT-CONTAMINATED BURGER!” Naay shouted, and he grabbed the burger and threw it on the ground, not forgetting to step on it until it became a mess. Ethan Mok looked down at the burger, his eyes welling up with tears.

The room fell silent as the rest of the group looked on, shocked by the sudden outburst. I felt a mixture of surprise and confusion, unsure of how to react to Naay’s explosive anger and Ethan’s hurt.

The next second, Yuno stepped towards Naay and pushed him out the doors of Ethan Mok’s house. “Get away from us, Naay. Ethan was being kind, yet what did you do to him?” Naay’s fist tightened, and his face sneared for a second, while I stepped behind Yuno, looking at Naay like all the forces of hell were upon him. Then, his fists loosened, and his faces turned into a shade of pale, shadowy sadness. He pulled out his phone and called his parents, then sat on the stairs. We left him there, and rushing back to Ethan Mok, we found that he felt better now and had made another burger for himself, while he even made one for Naay, which we gave to him, who was sitting outside.

He saw me, and he was fuming with anger, yet there was sadness that showed in his slumping arm.

. “Hey, Naay, do you want this burger that Ethan Mok made for you a second time?” This time, he took it, put it in his mouth, and then threw it down hard. He picked it up again, looking at it. With tears in his eyes, he shouted into the room, “Fuck you, David, and fuck you all!” Then he stormed off into the car that pulled up. “Finally, that thunderstorm is gone!” James exclaimed, sighing with relief.

The following Monday at school, Naay approached me with a contrite expression. “Sorry for what happened yesterday. I dunno what happens to me at times, you know.”

Actually, I was so surprised that he even came up to me and said sorry, as he had never done that before, not once, from 2 years ago to now.



Alexander David Dou

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