Alexander David Dou
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As the conclusion of our field trip approached, we found ourselves boarding the bus that would take us back to school. What had begun as an expedition filled with excitement and anticipation had taken an unexpected turn, and a heavy sense of melancholy had settled over me.

Scott and Ryan, who had been deeply upset by my decision to withhold information about Non and Kongkwan’s reconciliation, distanced themselves from me on the bus. The seats that had once been the epicenter of our laughter and camaraderie now felt emptier than ever, and a profound sense of isolation enveloped me.

“David, stop looking at us, you traitor; just turn around!” Scott shouted, and I immediately did, yet with my back slumped with guilt. But wait, why are they so mad at me for just keeping their secret? It was Non and Kongkwan’s choice if they wanted to tell everyone, and it was also their choice if they didn’t want to tell everyone, so what is the problem with that?

“I don’t even care, Scott; it's not my decision if Non and Kongkwan wanted to tell everyone else! I was keeping the secret because THEY don’t want it to be told! Also, I was being thoughtful for YOU! Because I knew that YOU would go crazy if I told you!”

“Nah, bro, you just didn’t want us to know it because you wanted Kongkwan yourself! You are the most selfish person ever; we were BROTHERS! How could you not have told anyone else what happened?”

“But I did! I told James! Because he isn’t a boot-kisser of Kongkwan like you are!”

“James, get the fuck out of this group; you don’t belong here; you belong with David; you two go to hell, I wish!”

“Ok.” Was James’s only response; it's like he didn’t even care of us being exiled.

I looked at James unbelievably, “Wait, you aren’t even fazed by them excluding us?”

“David, do they effect me or make me sad? No.”



Alexander David Dou

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