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Today, in the classroom, we were learning Thai and doing some cultural handwork. I was happily making the boat thing, a ‘Krathong’, because I enjoyed making items. That was when I heard the fighting over at Naay and Scott’s table.

“Well, maybe if you didn’t blow up over every little thing, we wouldn’t have this problem!” I was surprised to see them fighting, as there was no reason for that to occur.

The classroom fell into stunned silence as Naay’s anger flared. His face turned crimson, his fists clenched, and his voice rose above the rest. “You think you can talk to me like that?”

“Hey Naay, what did he even do to you? Why are you mad like a clown once again?” Non asked, and his friends laughed, “Bro, stop insulting Naay like that, you motherfuckers!” Ryan shouted and pushed Non. Yuno, known for his calm demeanor, tried to defuse the situation. “Come on, guys, let’s not fight.”

“NAH! Just fuck off, Yuno; we don't want to calm down; he is clearly insulting me." Naay shouted.

“Well, if you don’t want to be peaceful, then just ignore me, motherfucker!”

“YEAH! Shut up, Naay! You have literally no brain to begin with, you will never get a life!” Oscar shouted, then Naay punched him. And that triggered the entire group of boys into absolute CHOAS. “Naay, how dare you? He was my buddy!” Scott slapped Naay, and Naay glared back. “Ay! What are you doing, Scott? Are you crazy? What has Naay done?” Chai shouted, unknown of the situation. “Get a life, man!” So then Ethan Mok came. “Oh yeah? Take some of this!” He punched Chai in his fat belly, and Chai yelped in pain. Then the other Ethan, Ethan Mcgill, he punched back to Ethan Mok, as Non also insulted some others.

Soon the class was like a battlefield, full of soldiers, us, fighting with our mouths, hands, and foot, as me, Yuno, and James sat in the background, hoping to not get in trouble when the teacher comes.

The Thai teacher, Kru Warra, alerted by the commotion, rushed into the classroom and intervened. “STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!” She shouted, and looking crazy, she shouted again: “ALL BOYS, OUTSIDE, NOW!” After she knew what had happened, she went to discuss with a bunch of teachers about what to do. At last Naay was suspended for three days as a consequence of his outburst, and the rest of the boys were left to have detention continuously for a whole week, even though me, James, Yuno did nothing, we still had to go to detention.

As Naay left the classroom, he looked back at us, his expression a mix of frustration and regret. “I can’t believe I let my anger get the best of me. I am so sorry, guys, I should have kept to my promise and tried to keep my anger down.”



Alexander David Dou

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