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The incident with Oscar happened a few days after we returned from our eventful field trip. We were back in the routine of school life, and the memory of our trip was still fresh in our minds. However, a new episode was about to unfold, one that would stay with us for a long time.

It was a typical day in the classroom, and our teacher, Mr. Teddy, was conducting a lesson. But as usual, Oscar couldn’t resist the urge to inject some humor into the situation. In the middle of the lecture, he pulled out a few pens from his backpack and started playfully wielding them like a sword, making exaggerated swiping motions.

The initial laughter from a few classmates quickly escalated into a chorus of amusement that spread throughout the classroom. Oscar’s antics had captured everyone’s attention, and soon enough, the whole class was laughing uncontrollably.

Mr. Teddy, momentarily taken aback by the commotion, sighed and shook his head, trying to restore order. “Oscar, first, immediate detension; second, are you supposed to be in primary, Oscar? Pens are for writing and homework, not for your childish sword acts! Through the next 2 hours before lunch, you are going to Year 5 with Mr. Nick to study volcanoes with them... with the children that you belong with!”

Oscar, his face turning slightly red from embarrassment, complied and stashed the pens back into his backpack. The laughter gradually subsided, but the damage had been done. With tears in his eyes, Oscar took his stuff and headed downstairs, right after Mr. Teddy had made the call to Mr. Nick.

After the class, as we gathered in our usual spot during the break, Oscar looked dejected. The laughter from earlier still echoed in his ears, and it was clear that he was hurt by the incident.

Scott, always the one to break the ice, decided to address the situation. “Hey, Oscar, are you okay, buddy?”

Oscar sighed, his shoulders slumping. “It just felt funny, like what I am supposed to do to make this class more chill-pill.”

On the playground, Oscar walked along with us at lunchtime and suddenly, after falling into deep thoughts, stood still.

“From NOW ON!” Oscar shouted, “I will be MATURE!”

Everyone laughed at Oscar, but this time, something new was in Oscar’s eyes—not laughter, not jokes and pranks, but seriousness and anger, a flame burning through his past immaturity.



Alexander David Dou

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