Alexander David Dou
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The football contest was a highly anticipated event at our school, as we were set to face off against other schools in thrilling matches. While I wasn’t known for my prowess on the football field, I knew that being part of the team was important, and I was determined to give it my all.

As the first round of matches began, I found myself on the field, nervously clutching the football. The opposing team was formidable, and my lack of skill was glaringly apparent. I stumbled and struggled to keep up with the game’s pace, making a series of fumbled passes and missed opportunities.

Non, one of our star players, made a valiant effort but ultimately missed a crucial shot, and we lost the first round. The disappointment was palpable, and the weight of defeat seemed to bear down on Non.

“Non, do you think we can still win? Its definitely not looking great for us right now.” Ethan Mcgill asked with anger and pointed at the other team, “Guys, sorry, it must be my fault that we lost.” I said that and sat down in a chair.

Scott approached Non, trying to console him. “Hey, no, it’s okay. We’ll bounce back in the next round. You are the main force in our team; if you lose, then all of us are damned to lose as well.”

While Jake had been just chilling and having a fun time laughing at the team play, Yuno and James were also unfazed by the loss of our team. Naay looked crazy, his eyes covered with his eyes, punching himself on the chest with every single hit like a hammer to his mentality.

“Those motherfucking CHEATERS!” Ryan yelled, and threw the ball across over to the bushes. “They were literally doing so many fouls, and when the referee sees it does he blow that whistle? Noooo, because he is helping them! Those ##########(the rest was a roast that was so bad that I am scared to show you guys).” While at his side, Namnung and Prat are just staring at the wall, like he doesn’t know what to say.

Non looked at the others and nodded, his face a mix of frustration and determination. “You’re right, David. We can’t let one loss define us. Let’s regroup and give it our all in the next match.”

We regrouped and vowed to do better in the following rounds. The loss had lit a fire within us, and we were determined to prove ourselves.

As the matches progressed, our teamwork and coordination improved significantly. Scott, who was known for his encouraging words, rallied the team. “Come on, guys! We’ve got this! Keep the pressure on them!”

Round after round, we dominated our opponents. The other teams struggled to breach our defense, and our offense displayed newfound precision. Non, fueled by his earlier disappointment, emerged as a pivotal player, making impressive plays and scoring crucial goals.

During a critical moment in the final round, Non took a shot that found the back of the net, securing our victory. The exhilaration was palpable as we celebrated our win. “We did it, guys! Those guys are now losers; to hell with them!” Scott exclaimed, his excitement infectious.



Alexander David Dou

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